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“But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him.” (2 Corinthians 2:14)


Loice’s greatest joy is the privilege of having a relationship with Christ. She accepted Christ at an early age and later recommitted her life to Him while in college. Loice was born and raised in a Christian home in Kenya Africa. In the early 80’s she came to the United States and received her degree in Christian Ministries. A major blessing was meeting her husband Jon in college.

Jon and Loice were married in Kenya in 1987 and then moved back to Mississippi where they lived for three years as they prepared to go back to Kenya and minister there.

In 1991 they moved to Kenya where they served with Christian Church International for 13 years. Loice is a ordained minister with the CCIT church.

The Lord called Jon and Loice back to the United States in 2004 and they are now living in Lancaster Pa.

Loice has a passion for ministering especially to women who struggle with Anxiety and Depression. Her passion comes from knowing that God is a Redeemer. He can use her painful experiences to bring wholeness to others. It is in the pain of depression that she learned how to truly forgive, how to use the word of God and praise to fight the battles for her mind. The Lord has used that which is not pleasant to help her meet others where they are as she shares her testimony.

God has used Loice to minister  to teenage girls, young adults  married couples. Intercession and prayer bring life to Loice and God has been faithful in answering many prayers on her behalf. Loice enjoys worshiping the King and has taught worship seminars, primarily to worship leaders.

Loice and her husband are currently church planting at Dial Apartments.

God has blessed Jon and Loice with three wonderful children and two beautiful daughters-in-law, who inspire her to keep following Jesus even as they learn how to grow in Him.

Every Woman is a Princess

Many women, regardless of age, have experienced put downs and hard times in life which have left them feeling unworthy. Many see themselves as losers and not very valuable. Loice grew up wishing she was a man because men seemed so privileged in many ways but then as she studied the scriptures she realized that God has a deep value for women.  As that truth sunk into her heart she gained a new revelation of her value in Christ, and is now able to live life with her head  lifted high, for she is truly a princess.


This is a fun session to do in the evening with the ladies.  Many groups have chosen to also have a special dinner  after the session. This teaching could also be part of a women’s retreat. Prayer ministry is available to any of the participants. Women of all ages can participate in this session and all be blessed together.  Every woman will walk away feeling God’s love because that is what makes us special.

Speaking on Depression/Anxiety

photo-1422544834386-d121ef7c6ea8Living Victoriously with Anxiety and Depression

There are four Major sessions here:

  • Forgiveness
  • Brief look at mental health
  • Power of the word of God on the mind
  • Power of Praise on the mind

I believe that the word of God always calls us to action therefore when I teach I also like to schedule discussion time and response time to God’s word so it will not be just another good workshop or teaching but it will be a time that participants choose to hear from God and take steps towards change. To make the sessions more meaningful we can take two approaches as far as time is concerned

A weekend retreat

  1. Here we would have two sessions on forgiveness. Each session would be followed by discussion in small groups and reflection time alone with God for each participant
  2. We would have a session on trying to understand what is going on physically in the brain when one struggles with both anxiety and depression.
  3. We would have two sessions on The Power of God’s word on the mind these would include looking into our lives and searching for areas of bondage and receiving prayer ministry so we can walk in freedom and start using the word of God to fight our battles
  4. Two more sessions on the power of Praise on the mind followed by a similar interaction as after the power of the word.

Each session would be about 45 minutes followed by 20-30 minutes discussion groups and then 30 minutes of personal reflection time. These schedule is not set on stone I am flexible I am only giving you an idea of what has worked and accomplished the best results. I am open to suggestions.

We could also do two months weekly sessions

Meet once a week and study all four subjects starting with three weeks on forgiveness then continue with looking at mental health followed by sessions on the power of God’s word, and the power of Praise. The sessions would be two hours long including input, discussion and personal reflection time.

I would be available for another hour for any person who would like some one on one time of ministry.

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