Every Woman is a Princess

Many women, regardless of age, have experienced put downs and hard times in life which have left them feeling unworthy. Many see themselves as losers and not very valuable. Loice grew up wishing she was a man because men seemed so privileged in many ways but then as she studied the scriptures she realized that God has a deep value for women.  As that truth sunk into her heart she gained a new revelation of her value in Christ, and is now able to live life with her head  lifted high, for she is truly a princess.


This is a fun session to do in the evening with the ladies.  Many groups have chosen to also have a special dinner  after the session. This teaching could also be part of a women’s retreat. Prayer ministry is available to any of the participants. Women of all ages can participate in this session and all be blessed together.  Every woman will walk away feeling God’s love because that is what makes us special.