Ministry Opportunities

The Lord has used Loice’s life experiences to teach her many lessons on overcoming adversity and using unpleasant experiences as stepping stones to grow closer to God. She freely shares her experiences with anxiety and depression to encourage others who are struggling with these disorders.

But you don’t have to be struggling with anxiety and depression to attend sessions. If one of your family members or friends struggles, attending sessions to learn more would be a wonderful way to support them. We all have areas of struggle where we need to come to a place of freedom. Most of the teaching in these sessions can be applied to many other difficult areas of life.

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Loice’s teaching on “Living Victoriously with Anxiety and Depression” includes 4 major areas:

1. Forgiveness

2. A brief look at mental health

3. The power of the word of God on the mind

4. The power of praise on the mind

Loice believes that the word of God always calls us to action so when she teaches, she also schedules discussion time and time for response to God’s word. Sessions include teaching but are also times when participants hear from God and take steps towards change.


“Living Victoriously with Anxiety and Depression” is offered in 2 different formats:

1. A Weekend Retreat

Two sessions on forgiveness, each followed by discussion in small groups and reflection time alone with God

One session on learning to understand what is going on physically in the brain when one struggles with anxiety and depression

Two sessions on the power of God’s word on the mind, including time for looking into our lives, searching for areas of bondage, and receiving prayer ministry so we can walk in freedom and start using the word of God to fight our battles

Two more sessions on the power of praise on the mind, including activities similar to those after the teaching on the power of God’s word

Sessions are about 45 minutes long, followed by 20-30 minute discussion groups and 30 minutes of personal reflection time.This schedule can be adapted to fit the unique needs and time requirements of your particular group.

2. Weekly Sessions for Two Months

Two weeks on forgiveness

One week on mental health basics

Three weeks on the power of God’s word

Two weeks on the power of praise

Sessions are two hours long and include teaching, discussion and personal reflection time. Loice would be available for another hour to persons who would like some one-on-one time of ministry

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